ViYA Luxury Bracelets


C R A F T S M A N S H I P & ∙ L O V E: 

• every bracelet is handmade by us here at Swäny'ā 
• every bead is handpicked and strung  to ensure beautiful, lasting quality! 
Gold - 18K gold plated 

E X A C T ∙ W R I S T ∙ S I Z E • & • H O W ∙ T O ∙ M E A S U R E 

• because each bracelet is made-to-order, it is crucial you measure your wrist before purchasing. 

• if you don't have a fabric measuring tape, a strip of paper or a string and a ruler will work just as well. there are several 'actual size' rulers available online if you don't have one at home. 

• measure just under the wrist bone and choose the size closest to your 'exact' measurement. I will add up for a comfortable fit, so please choose your 'exact' wrist size to ensure you get the best fit possible. 

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